1998 in Bulach, Switzerland. Resulting from a management-buy-out of Geilinger Steel Construction Inc., the success story of spannverbund in Switzerland begins. Under the motto “if more than one advantage counts” we offer engineering, research and product development from one source. Convincing quality, longtime experience, extensive know-how and a portion of persistence produce superior, challenging and cost-effective constructions of high value establishing our premium products Geilinger-Stütze® (Geilinger-Column) and Europilz® shearhead in the market.

Geilinger-Columns and Europilz shearheads have been used in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Middle East and the United States. spannverbund usually provides clients, structural engineers and architects with consulting services, cost estimates / proposals, the structural calculations and shop drawings of Geilinger-Columns and Europilz and licences local steel construction companies to fabricate. Based on this business model the products of spannverbund can be used worldwide.

By engineering expertise, professional competence, technical innovation, cost transparency and reliability spannverbund made a name for itself. Right from the design stage the client chooses with spannverbund a partner who doesn’t build castles in the air.

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